Get out there, get active, then have a beer...

Getting away from busy towns, cities and traffic, exploring nature, looking up, around and listening. The trails are a perfect way to reset and even better when topped off with a cold, perfectly served beer every time.

Trailhead CO2 Flagons

Taking beer from you local pub or tap room? You need our TrailHead Flagon. Pour from the tap or keg, pressurise with CO2 from a standard unthreaded 8g cannister in the lid and enjoy the perfect beer lasting weeks, not hours. Gone are the milk cartons and gone is the plastic waste. Either from homebrew or direct from the keg in your local bottle shop or pub, the Trailhead CO2 flagon keeps your beer perfectly for weeks, just as your brewer intended!

Trailhead CO2 Flagons

about us

For as long as I can remember I’d walk into a pub and order a lager which was just fizzy tasting nothingness. Bitters we’re not really for me they just seemed flat, brown, lifeless, with no flavour or maybe just a kind of dirty soap. This was what I thought drinking beer was all about a man’s rite of passage so come on get on with it suck it up like a real man. Then back to 2011 and a cracked open this little blue can from now very well-known Brewery based in the northern part of the UK. With the cracking of that can I could feel such a sense of relief that I could actually enjoy a beer for not the alcohol but the taste. All that wonderful citrus flavour just flooding through was incredible. And it’s here that I realised how important our local bottle shops are because my part of discovery only continued. Fast forward to 2020 and the decision was made to jump in with the pro brewkit and open a Trailhead. Armed with scores of recipes some cool names and a logo we had what we needed. Our journey is public now so jump in taste our beers, give us feedback - positive, negative, it’s all good. Just come with us.

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